The first fifteen years of my life was a complete and utter waste. As a matter of fact, I can only experience most of my younger years through photographs and very little of it can be recalled through my own memory. While I was growing up, I knew that I was different, that I was carrying a heavier cross. Life for me didn’t start until I told my friends and family members that I was gay. It was then that I was able to actually be myself, and understand the world. Because of this situation, I believe that most gay men, while in their twenties, are stuck in a childhood phase in life (give or take that some of us grow up faster than others), where reality is far far away, where material things and having fun becomes president over more mature ideas. Within this project, I am able to begin to explore the old and new relationships I have with my family and the rest of the world through the visual disconnect of the physical and mental maturity of a gay man.


- keith grieger