Beginning in my baby steps into photography, I began a rather sincere admiration for vernacular and vintage / archival photography. With each new image I would add to my collection, I always found the script on the back, explaining who is in the photograph and when it was taken, to be extremely important. As I was shooting my own work, I began labeling my polaroids in the same pattern. Perhaps due to an attraction to morbid thinking, I knew that adding this information to a photograph would allow me to leave a legacy- if I had died and my photos ended up in a thrift store, what would someone be able to find or figure out? I treated this collection as if I had discovered all of these photographs in a thrift store. While removing myself from them subjectively, I attempted to piece them together based on subject, emotional response, and composition. It became important to disregard previous knowledge of the images' chronology and begin making sense of an individual's life made visible through vernacular photography.

This is what I left behind. This is not here.

- keith grieger